4010L0-XYZCNS - ProGlide LH End no Pusher

ProGlide LH End no Pusher

Part code: 4010L0-XYZCNS

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Product Description

Order in multiples of 20 to avoid paying box splitting cost of £5.

ProGlide LH End no Pusher - Aluminium Divider - PC Front Cap with a choice of height - Small, Medium, Large Glide Fin depending on Product - Depth Versatility 270mm to 770mm - Standard Colour: Grey Aluminium Divider, clear PC Front & Rear End Caps & White Glide Fin & Pusher Housing - colour can be customised - system can be utilised on all shelf types in any substrate - Gentle Fronting Motion Drives Sales - Controlled Feed Multiple Categories - Fast Simple Replenishment Saves Labour - Modular Lane Assembly Complete Flexibility on Width - Easy Installation ? no tools required

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