HB1002239 - Standing Male Mannequin - Moveable Arms (Straight)

Standing Male Mannequin - Moveable Arms (Straight)

Part code: HB1002239

Product Identifier: HBO-VIFU36


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Product Description

Order in multiples of 1 to avoid paying box splitting cost of £5.

Display male clothing at its best with our high-quality male shop mannequin in a standing position with articulated movable arms.

Perfectly shaped male mannequin dummy has been sized with lifelike proportions and stylish pose to give the most accurate vision of how your clothes will look when worn. Being a faceless egg head design allows the mannequin to be timeless and suitable for any adult age range.

Ideal for displaying a wide range of male clothing item and suitable for artists, tailors, dressmakers, window dressers.

Product Features

  • High-Quality male Mannequin
  • Size - Medium 38” Chest
  • Calf fitting spigot
  • Round Glass Base
  • High-quality fibreglass legs
  • Lifelike proportions
  • Standing Pose
  • Faceless Egg Head
  • Easy Merchandising
  • Easily Assembled straight from the box
  • Eye Catching display that can be used on your shop floor
  • Great Value for a Quality Product

Product Code: HBO-VIFU36

Qty Per Pack: 1 male

Colour: Matt Colour, Pantone 2320U

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