Celebrating Our Heritage

75 Years of Innovation

Today, we stand at the threshold of new opportunities and challenges. With an exceptional team, cutting-edge solutions, and a legacy of success, Heartbeat is poised to shape interiors of the future.

The Heartbeat Manufacturing Company was founded on Charles Street in Redditch, Worcestershire in 1946, when Audrey and Walter Kingsley Stubbings ventured into the spring business. Following the creation of their first, small, perfectly formed spring, they realised it was the spring that was at the centre of everything, the heartbeat of industry, the heartbeat of engineering.

Third generation family owned and in business for over 75 years, we at Heartbeat haven’t forgotten our roots, or the spring for that matter. Today we see ourselves as that spring working tirelessly to service the brands we represent to the best of our ability, delivering innovative retail, living and hospitality interior solutions that enhance space and improve customers’ experience.

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